Cordova Error: Your ios platform does not have Api.js

I’m trying to build a cordova ios app but not having much luck and getting strange errors.

Using this version of Cordova with older version of cordova-ios is
deprecated. Upgrade to cordova-ios@4.0.0 or newer.

Error: Your ios platform does not have Api.js

The first warning says my cordov-ios version is old, which is strange as this is my output:

$ cordova --version

$ cordova platform version ios

Installed platforms:
  ios 4.4.0
Available platforms: 
  android ~6.2.2
  blackberry10 ~3.8.0 (deprecated)
  browser ~4.1.0
  osx ~4.0.1
  webos ~3.7.0

So I clearly have the latest versions necessary.

And then the Api.js error. What is causing this?

Error: Your ios platform does not have Api.js

Any ideas?

Miner Asked on May 18, 2017 in General Stack.
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    Did you figure out what the problem was or did anyone answer you? We’re experiencing a similar problem and tried upgrading node.js and removing/adding the platform again with no luck.


    Default Answered on June 4, 2017.
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    I was having exactly this problem but managed to solve it by simply removing and then adding the IOS platform within my project:

    cordova platform rm ios
    cordova platform add ios

    This seemed to fix whatever had somehow got broken when updating Cordova…

    Miner Answered on June 5, 2017.
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