spring roo and weblogic 12c

I have a project in spring roo 1.1.5 and it is running on a 11g weblogic

Is going to migrate the web server to version 12c, in pre production is already set the environment and I try to deploy but it gives me errors of the spring roo:

weblogic.application.naming.EnvironmentException: Unable to find injection target named:$interFieldInit$ValEstadoCompletitud_Roo_Entity$ValEstadoCompletitud$entityManager on class: class ValEstadoCompletitud_Roo_Entity

Are there any additional settings that are required for weblogic 12c?

Thank you very much.

Miner Asked on June 14, 2017 in General Stack.
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    i am also getting the same error. Were you able to resolve it?

    Default Answered on May 11, 2018.
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